Postcards: A Lost Art? Let’s Bring Them Back!

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OK, so I don’t usually get behind “national holidays” since there’s practically one for everything now. BUT, this past week the world celebrated “National Handwriting Day” (not kidding…) and it got me thinking about postcards. I’m a huge fan of handwritten notes – even more so in these days of emails, texts and Facebook messages – and I think we can all benefit from a little more postcards in our lives, don’t you think?

According to the USPS, postcard sending, like all handwritten correspondences, is on the decline. Gone are the days when you’d sit down during a family vacation to write postcards to loved ones, sharing an anecdote from the day’s adventures. But postcards are readily available in most destinations, inexpensive to buy and easy to send, so why not send them?

-> Postcards I’ve picked up during my recent travels. They may be my favorite souvenir – easy to pack, easy to store and inexpensive! <-

Often overlooked in favor of today’s more immediate communications, postcards posses something unique. They say a friendly hello. They give someone a glimpse into your travels. They offer a surprise when flipping through the day’s mail. They can be placed on one’s fridge or tacked to a bulletin board, re-read for months to come. And they inspire wanderlust, perhaps inspiring someone to take that trip they’ve always dreamed of.

-> A postcard hanging on my refrigerator. One of my favorites, my parents sent it during their trip to New Zealand last year. It even features a pic of them, isn’t that adorable!? <-
 So next time you browse a gift shop in search of the perfect tee shirt for a loved one, consider picking up a postcard. You’ll probably spend less time writing it than it takes to choose an Instagram filter… and I’d be willing to bet you’ll make the recipient’s day!

(I’m probably the exception to the rule thanks to my mom, who made me wrote postcards during every family vacation – something I now look forward to! THANKS, Mom!)

Tell me, do YOU still send postcards from your travels?

Postcards in the photo above are part of the “National Parks: 59 Piece Postcard Set” by Anderson Design Group, which they released in celebration of the National Parks Service’s 100th anniversary. I love using them as gift enclosures or in lieu of a pad of paper, if I’m just writing someone a quick note. You can purchase them via Anderson Design Group’s website, here.

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