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After spending the previous day exploring picturesque Coral Gables and Key Biscayne (which you may read about in “Girl’s Getaway: Miami, Part I“) my girlfriend Cheryl and I along with my wonderful parents decided to explore Miami’s Wynwood Arts District.

I had done a quick drive-through with my husband during a previous trip to Miami and was immediately in love with the area. (Anyone like me who lives by the motto “live colorfully” will experience love at first sight!)

Located in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, just north of Downtown Miami and adjacent to Edgewater, Wynwood Art District contains over 70 galleries, museums and art collections. A highlight of the area is Wynwood Walls, a collection of permanent outdoor murals boasting colorful delights from some of the worlds most renowned street artists.

Wynwood Walls 2

// When your outfits match the mural, a photo is a must! //

What’s so special about the area is that you don’t have to be within Wynwood Walls or one of the many world-class galleries to spot excellent art. During a stroll through the neighborhood you’ll find hundreds of works of art – some looking more “permanent” than others, some just a simple quote spray painted onto the sidewalk.

Wynwood Yoga  Wynwood Sidewalk

// Cheryl striking a (yoga) pose in front of a mural. //

While I’m generally a proponent for having a “game plan” when visiting a destination, I highly recommend going to Wynwood with an open mind and a willingness to wander.

Wynwood Walls 1

Stroll up and down streets and stop to take in the surroundings when desired. In addition to galleries, the area boasts hip and unique boutiques and a number of great restaurants – it’s easy to spend an entire afternoon in Wynwood!

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