Set your Worries Aside… At Mexico City’s La Palomilla

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Mexico City’s newest bed & breakfast, La Palomilla wants guests to tuck their worries under their pillow at night. “Worry Dolls,” that is.

As a PR & marketing pro, I’m always on the lookout for initiatives that are both great for all ages AND locally inspired.  La Palomilla, a unique seven-room bed and breakfast that’s located in La Roma, the hippest and safest walkable neighborhood in Mexico City, achieves both of these things and more.

Photo credit: Arturo Arrieta

Photo credit: Arturo Arrieta

In an attempt to cater to the type of traveler that so many of us are these days – travelers seeking local flavor – La Palomilla has started placing Worry Dolls under guests’ pillows each night.

Photo credit: Arturo Arrieta

Photo credit: Arturo Arrieta

The worry dolls measure about an inch and are made locally using wool and colorful textile leftovers. The dolls are then dressed in a traditional Mayan style wardrobe. The new dolls are an organic addition to the B&B, which features many vibrant works of art by local artisans and prides itself on sourcing locally-made goods, amenities, and foods.

What a fun souvenir these dolls would make! And one that doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase, which is even better.

Photo credit: Arturo Arrieta

Photo Credit: Arturo Arrieta

Curious about learning more about La Palomilla? (Which you probably are if you’re swooning over these photos as much as I am…) Read more about the B&B on their website:

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