Visiting Yankee Stadium with a Baby or Toddler

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Last week we took Mac to her first New York Yankees game at Yankee Stadium, which was a monumental occasion seeing that I’ve been a lifelong fan. (My AOL Instant Messenger screen name when I was a pre-teen – yes, remember AIM?!? – may have been “MandyJeter” followed by a few numbers…) Dressed in our game day attire, which for Mac consisted of a navy & white tutu, we set off for a fun afternoon in the Bronx.

We had no expectations for how the day would unfold. As a nearly 1.5 year-old, Mac is as squirmy as can be, so we were prepared not to spend much time in our seats. Thankfully, just being at Yankee Stadium is a treat unto itself – the smells, sights and deafening roar of New York Yankees fans are unmatched.

// A few steps up from our seats on the 100 Level. //

It’s a good thing we didn’t have any expectations because after only the second inning, Mac was ready for a change of scenery. I had read that the stadium has a “Kids Clubhouse” complete with a playground, and coincidentally it was two levels directly above where we were seated. (See how Mac’s looking up in the pic of she and I? It’s like she just KNEW fun was above her!)

Located on the 300 Level, the 2,850-square-foot Kids Clubhouse Presented by Plymouth Rock Assurance is outfitted with a variety of interactive and engaging activities for the Yankees’ youngest fans. A 6-foot-high replica World Series Trophy slide and a baseball glove tunnel were among Mac’s favorite attractions. Mac was a bit shy so we stayed just a few feet away, but parents of older kids can oversee their tykes from a nearby “dugout” complete with, of course, television monitors tuned into the game. It also has clean and spacious restrooms – MAJOR bonus!

It’s a line drive from Miss Mac! She races to second base where she stops for a quick water break…

One of the best things about the Kids Clubhouse is its location. It’s right across from an area with a ton of seating as well as a variety of food & beverage vendors. And honestly, I couldn’t believe the view from the 300 Level. You could see all of Yankee Stadium as well as a gorgeous cityscape. Sure, you won’t be able to see the expression on a player’s face. But seriously, what mom of a toddler is able to relax and really watch a baseball game closely anyway?

LESSON LEARNED. For the next two years at least, you’ll find us on the 300 Level, periodically moving from the Kids Clubhouse and our seats, with stops for stadium grub in between.

To learn more about the Kids Clubhouse:

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